A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Life is Full of Inspiration is a cross-platform desktop video game written in
Java. The game was developed for the first official Game Dev Underground Jim Jam
(https://itch.io/jam/jimjam) in approximately 48 hours. It's just a really
casual riddle game, but it ties well into the jam's theme, which was
inspiration. The reward for solving each riddle is a picture that my wife and I
have taken at some point since getting married. Basically, the lesson I'm trying
to teach is that inspiration can be found everywhere around you; you just have
to be willing to get up and experience life.

I've uploaded an executable jar file which does not require installation. However, you need to have a recent Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed to run it. You can visit https://www.java.com/en/ for more information. I'll also upload platform-specific installers as I build them. They should install just like any normal application, and you can follow the regular steps (Control Panel on Windows) to uninstall the game completely. I promise I'm not doing any crazy stuff to your system.


LifeIsFullOfInspiration.jar 38 MB
Life is Full of Inspiration-1.0.msi 102 MB
Life is Full of Inspiration-1.0.exe 82 MB
Life is Full of Inspiration-1.0.dmg 113 MB
Life is Full of Inspiration-1.0.pkg 106 MB

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